Do you run a venue, pub or club?
A place where large gatherings of people spend time is a perfect place for a coin operated table or machine
Jayo Billiards can supply, deliver & install pool tables, soccer tables, chocoholic machines, skill testers and even arcade machines into your venue and share the profits on an agreed percentage

Profit Sharing will not cost you anything and will make you money!!!!
We offer the best service by maintaining and servicing the table' on a regular basis based on its use

As we are the manufacturers of the table, we ensure that the table is running smoothly

Pricing & Percentage Structure Example

Pool Table ($3 per game)                     60% venue /40% us

Foosball ($1 per game)                         70% venue /30% us
JukeBox ($1 per song or 3 for $2)        50% venue /50% us

Skill Testers ($1 & $2 per game)           65% venue /35% us


Percentages thats are agreed upon will remain in place for the lifetime of the agreement and ARE NOT subject to change!!!
If you think this is an option for you then give us a call to discuss some options.



Table Sports & Accessories

Room Size & Felt Colours

Here you will find the room size and felt colours for your table.


There are 30 different colours to choose from when recovering your table. From traditional green to exotic purples.


The table you choose will depend on the size of your room in which you want to place your new table.

All dimensions and measurements are carried using a 57" cue for a MINIMUM playing area.


Use the "room size & felt colours" link to view these dimensions.